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How Coverfly Helps Screenwriters Get Discovered

By January 3, 2022About Coverfly
How Coverfly Helps Screenwriters Get Discovered

Want to take your career to the next level? Here's how Coverfly helps screenwriters get discovered.

Coverfly is blowing the world of talent discovery wide open through a platform meant to bring writers and the industry together. With so many opportunities, it can be hard to figure out what is right for you at each point during your screenwriting journey. Here are just a few ways you can use Coverfly to reach your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Your Writer Profile

Marketing yourself using Coverfly’s writer profile

Filling out your profile to its fullest, including demographic information and writer bio, helps give our team and industry users (reps, agents, producers) the information they need to discover you. If your profile is blank or doesn’t feature any discoverable projects, you’re less likely to come up in industry searches.

By that same token, adding your Coverfly-qualifying competition placements to your profile gives industry members confidence in the quality of your writing. Making those same projects discoverable gives you a few more opportunities to reach the audience of industry pros looking for a project like yours. 

Coverage Marketplace

Improve Your Projects Through Vetted Coverage Providers

Coverfly has compiled some of the most well-respected coverage providers in one place where you can receive feedback on scripts at any stage in the writing process. Got an idea and a treatment? There's coverage for that. Ready to send your polished script out to producers? There's coverage for that, too, and everything in between. 

Coverfly coverage marketplace

Many writers see coverage as an integral part of developing a script idea and a useful way to get feedback from professional readers even before they begin entering competitions. Plus, Coverfly-qualifying notes and coverage can have a positive impact on your Coverfly Rank (we’ll get to that in a second).


Find the right one for you

Most Coverfly writers submit to at least one competition, fellowship, or grant opportunity through the site. We feature only the most well-respected programs in the industry and review them for the value they provide writers. Search for competitions based on their primary benefits, price, upcoming deadline, and accepted formats.

Your writer portal makes it easy to track submissions, review additional feedback, and most importantly, keep all of your accolades and scores in one place. 

The Red List and Coverfly Rank

A look into where your script stands 

As you amass more accolades and high scores from the Coverage Marketplace, you’ll see your Coverfly Rank go up. This is a great tool to keep track of your own progress as your script climbs the charts. 

An ancillary benefit of having a high Coverfly Rank (or an active month in Coverfly) is appearances on The Red List. Think of The Red List as the website’s leaderboard and listing of the movers and shakers in the competition field. Being on The Red List certainly doesn’t equate to overnight success, but it does mean you’re putting yourself and your work out there and moving in the right direction. 

Other Coverfly Programs

More FREE opportunities

We also offer several completely free opportunities to screenwriters. These include our bi-annual Pitch Week, bi-monthly Virtual Reads with The Storytellers Conservatory, a fee waiver program, and a Monthly Career Mentorship with Act Two Podcast. Find out how to apply for these programs under the “extras” tab at the top of your writer portal. 

We have had multiple writer successes come directly out of these programs, including a script optioned, writers staffed on television shows, and many who found literary representation.

Endorsed Writers

Giving those writers on the verge, that push they need to break in

We track placement lists, great coverages, and recommendations from our readers to highlight the best scripts and writers. Our writer development team is able to meet with dozens of writers a month to discuss their career goals and potential job opportunities. If we think they are poised to break in and just need that little extra push, we feature those writers in an email to industry users with our official endorsement

Endorsed writers often see an increase in industry script downloads, meeting requests, and other opportunities. In an industry that runs on recommendations, it helps to have Coverfly adding to the chorus of people who are already championing your work.


Connect with other writers

If your script isn’t quite ready for a professional reader, but your friends and family are tired of reading drafts, coverflyX provides the answer. The free service allows you to exchange your work with other screenwriters on Coverfly. This service runs off of a token exchange, strikes, and feedback ratings to ensure quality control over the notes you receive. If the feedback you receive really resonates with you, there are ways to reach out to the writer directly to collaborate with them further. 

Industry Dashboard

Where Hollywood finds screenwriters

The Coverfly Industry Dashboard is where roughly 2,000 industry professionals consisting of literary managers, agents, studio + network executives, and producers come to search for clients and projects. All industry accounts are personally vetted beforehand by Coverfly to ensure anyone granted access is providing value to our writers. Industry users have the option to view the latest trending writers, competition results, + Red List and Coverfly rankings, or search for specific projects + writers based on format, genre, writer background, or premise.

Take a trip around Coverfly and use this as a guide to plan your stops. And if you have any questions, be sure to check out our FAQ database, or reach out to our customer support team directly if you still can’t find what you’re looking for.