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A Peek Inside

Coverfly's Endorsed Writer Program

Every week we select top up-and-coming projects and writers who are ready to get signed, staffed, and packaged.

If you're a rep, exec, or producer, you can sign up for free to get early access, plus additional features for finding top emerging writers.

Entertainment industry professionals are looking for top emerging writers that align with their unique goals and taste, but they have a large number of emerging writers to choose from and they need a process to help them identify promising talent.

Writers are looking for an opportunity to be recognized and given a chance, but they lack the professional connections to drive that first industry meeting.

And that’s where the Coverfly Development Team is bridging the gap.

With the largest database of writers from across the industry’s many talent-discovery initiatives, and a dedicated team scouring new and noteworthy projects, Coverfly is able to consider a variety of factors and lots of data when endorsing top emerging writers.

We select our endorsements based on five criteria.

Industry Demand

Our team puts considerable effort into understanding what industry professionals are looking for in projects and writers on a weekly basis. By frequently speaking with film and TV producers, managers, agents, execs, and financiers, we’re constantly in touch with the industry’s needs. This constant connection ensures our endorsements are relevant and timely, resulting in a high success rate of matching writers and industry professionals.

Recent Writer Accomplishments

Urgency! It is important for writers to build their own momentum and keep moving forward. If a writer has been reaching out with the same writing sample since 2015, then they’re not committing enough towards a writing career. We’re looking for demonstrable milestones that showcase a commitment to professional writing. Things we like to see: winning or placing a well-regarded competition, taking general meetings, graduating from a great MFA program, or writing multiple scripts in a year.

A Strong Portfolio

A writer’s body of work is their resume. Do they have multiple strong writing samples? Are the projects varied but displaying a clear distinct voice and style? Do they share a unified commonality from a stylistic, thematic, or philosophical sense?

A Clear Goal

We highlight writers with clearly articulated goals. Whether an immediate next step like securing a manager, or a long-term ambition of landing in an HBO writers’ room, a well-thought out goal demonstrates a writer’s understanding of themselves and the business. If you’re a writer, make sure to update your Coverfly profile with your goal.

Our Pre-General Meeting

We understand that general meetings can sometimes be a waste of time. To help our industry members, we have pre-general meetings with each endorsed writer. This allows us to gauge their soft skills, along with their discipline, commitment, aptitude, and unique personality. We only endorse writers who are great in the pre-general meeting.

This is an important step as each endorsed writer represents Coverfly and has the opportunity to build or break our reputation with the industry.

Are you an Industry Professional?

We know your time is precious, and your reputation is on the line with every writer you work with, so we’re streamlining the discovery process for you. Whether through our Endorsed Writers program, or through personalized notifications from across our multi-tiered writer database.

You can sign up for free to get early access, plus additional features for finding top emerging writers.

Are you a Writer?

We know you want to break in. That’s the dream. And it’s going to take work. We hope sharing this information about our Endorsed Writers program helps you understand what it takes for us to endorse you to the industry.

Developing a writing career is a commitment. It’s work. And it’s highly sought-after, so you’ve got to stand out. It’s important to have a realistic sense of where you’re at in your career, and the opportunities that will be available to you. And you’ll need to have a persistent, positive attitude to land those meetings and get paid writing opportunities.

We’ll continue to offer services and events to help you improve your craft and your career. We’re dedicated to finding you and connecting your unique voice to the industry.

Wanting something and being ready for it are two different things. With all of this criteria, the crux at the matter comes down to:

"Is this writer ready?"