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8 Coverfly Writers That Made It Onto The Black List

By December 13, 2023Success Stories
8 Coverfly Writers That Made It onto the Black List

As Coverfly continues to expand and diversify the ways in which we support thousands of writers each year, we were thrilled to see so many screenwriters we had the chance to individually work with and support have their work celebrated on the 2023 Black List. 

We are particularly thrilled to see new offerings such as our WGA Writer Benefits Program and newly-launched Industry Direct Notes lead directly to professional results. Seeing achievements like these is a testament to the quality of writers we get the privilege of working with and the investment and dedication of our writer development team.

Read on to find out how Coverfly worked for them, and explore the resources available to most, if not all, Coverfly writers. 

Kurt McLeod

Kurt McLeod, was introduced to his reps at Grandview through our WGA Writer Benefits Program

In speaking with Kurt about his career, he offered this perspective:

“Aspiring writers I speak to often seem fixated on connections and representation at the expense of working on their material. All that peripheral stuff matters, but if you focus on the material first and foremost, the other stuff becomes a lot easier. All you can do is write stories you care about, as many as you can, as well as you can. And when it comes time to email your logline to your curated list of 1000 producers or reps or friends of friends who might know someone who knows someone, at least you know you gave yourself the best chance to get that elusive nibble."

Kurt McLeod

He went on:

"With a wide net of connections to industry players, Coverfly acts like a high-end matchmaker, taking time to thoughtfully select the contacts who make the most sense for your material and goals.

[I can’t] tell you how grateful I am for your help connecting me to the right people. Pretty incredible how much easier this job is when you have reps working hard for you.” 

Nick Hurwitch

Nick Hurwitch signed with Heroes & Villains Entertainment after the Coverfly team introduced them.

Nick’s advice for screenwriters:

“A year ago I was coming off a series of great contest placements for one of my feature scripts. It was the latest in a series of "Hey, I think this might be it!" moments in my long, winding journey toward doing this for a living. I even had a producer and a director attached. Ultimately, it didn't go anywhere. No reps, no sale. But my network and my confidence had grown. So I wrote the next one, which was cool but needed more work, and the one after that, which people really responded to. And when that one started to get attention, I was already writing the one after that. As a screenwriter, the only place you're in total control is with the words on the page. More finished scripts means more opportunities. Eventually, something good is going to come of it.”

Nick Hurwitch

About his experience with Coverfly, Nick told us:

“Coverfly was instrumental in my signing with a manager. Earlier this year, they made me an "Endorsed Writer." Independently of that, I earned a Mentorship with Michael Sherman through their Act Two program, who was gracious and helped me chart a course from where I was to where I wanted to go. Meanwhile, [the team] worked behind the scenes to submit my best work to select managers."

Congrats, Nick! Well deserved.

Tricia Lee

After a record-breaking 12 meetings at Pitch Week, Tricia Lee signed with a literary manager at Neon Kite after Coverfly set up the meeting.

Tricia Lee

“Through the Coverfly Pitch Week opportunity, I was introduced to my now manager, Jay Glazer at Neon Kite. Without their introduction, I never would have otherwise met him, but I'm super excited for where my career is going to go from here!” 

We think she’s on the right path!

Russell Goldman

Russell Goldman was on the 2021 Coverfly Best Unrepped Writers List, and since signed with a team of agents at Verve! We picked up on Russell's talent before he had a manager, and after being featured on our list, he quickly took off.

"Coverfly gave me confidence in how to present my interests, priorities and the path I want for myself." 

Russell Goldman

Russell told us:

"The script has been over two years in the making and I’ll be editing pieces of it until well after the feature wraps. The biggest thing circling my head this week has been believing in a concept, in characters, and in the kind of story I want to tell so much that I’d work on it for the next two years. Yet I’ve learned to not be afraid to keep seeing my story through the eyes of new readers, from department heads to executives. There’s always a better articulation to be found of the idea you fell in love with in the first place."

Jeremy Marwick

Coverfly writer Jeremy Marwick met Daniel Seco, literary manager/partner at Empirical Evidence, after requesting notes from him through the Coverfly Industry Direct Notes program. They hit it off and Jeremy signed with Daniel! Here's what Daniel said about this experience:

“Jeremy's success, both in terms of PROPEL making the 2023 Black List and its prospects going forward as a viable film project, is a reflection of the caliber of writer utilizing Coverfly's coverage services.”


More successes from this year’s Black List include:

We are so proud to be a small part of these writers’ journeys. Congrats to all!