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How Writer Adi Blotman Brought Her Script to Screen in a Year

Writers Discovered Here: 'Made for Each Other' Writer Adi Blotman

Born and raised in Israel, Adi Blotman came to the United States to study acting at a conservatory. “I fell in love with comedy,” she says to Coverfly, setting her on a path of performing sketch comedy, improv, and stand-up in New York for about a decade. But when performing live in front of an audience began to lose its charm, she decided to transition into television comedy writing.

While Blotman didn’t get the instant gratification of performing in front of a live audience, she learned she loves the process of writing a script, chipping away at it, getting feedback, and making it better. 

Taking Part in Coverfly’s Pitch Week

After participating in Coverfly’s Pitch Week, Blotman's writing career began moving forward in a big way. She met with an executive from Hallmark Channel at the end of 2021 to pitch her Jewish romantic comedy, Made for Each Other

“The exec really liked the concept even though it was definitely not a Hallmark movie at that point,” Blotman said. She signed a contract to develop the script and began rewriting. In less than a year, they shot the film. “It was a year and a half from the meeting to a finished movie, it was insane!" says Blotman. 

The film was released in Feb. 2023 on Hallmark Channel and Peacock. Her experience was exciting and life-changing. “This was like a bolt of lightning which I did not anticipate at all. It happened very fast and I’m just hoping I can replicate it."  

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Adi Blotman’s Notes on Networking

Though pitch meetings can be nerve-wracking, Blotman’s advice is to play it cool. “I really see it as just trying to get to know someone. I mean, I’m a nervous wreck! But I try to be as casual as I can possibly be,” she says.  

She relies on her natural talents to make an impression during the meeting. “Since I write comedy, I try to make jokes and show them my personality,” Blotman says. It’s good advice, especially for someone skilled at performing.

Sometimes, it all comes down to chemistry. “Some people you’re just going to really click with and you’re not going to know why but you just have this connection. When that happens definitely stay in touch with these people. It took a few months from this pitch meeting to when I learned they were interested in the script, so just stay in touch!” she says.   

A still from 'Made for Each Other,' Writers Discovered Here: 'Made for Each Other' Writer Adi Blotman

'Made for Each Other'

Adi Blotman's Advice for Pitch Meetings

Writers may be intimidated to ask questions in a pitch meeting, but it’s a great idea if the questions are relevant to the conversation. “I always ask, ‘Is there a project on my Coverfly profile that interests you?’” says Blotman. “And that’s when this project was brought up.” 

She says that while she didn’t have a prepared pitch, per se, she trusted her instincts and knew enough about her project to speak casually about it. Though some pitch meetings require having something prepared to pitch, Blotman says this meeting felt different.

“In the Coverfly pitch meetings I’ve had, they were just more of a conversation,” Blotman reveals. If you can chat with a relaxed vibe while letting your enthusiasm come through, that’s a solid way to go.  

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Benefits of Using Coverfly

Coverfly takes the complexity out of navigating the industry, paving the way for writers to tell their stories. “I like that it’s just one platform to submit stuff through. If it does well in several contests, it definitely makes my project more visible. The platform is very easy to use and easy to update. I’ve had some projects on the [Coverfly] Red List, and it’s just an easier way to do things,” says Blotman.

She also shares a simple thing every writer can do for free: “I always tell people to create a Coverfly profile. It doesn’t cost you anything, and there are free resources you can submit to. You can submit things early, which is always what I try to do. It’s a good way to get feedback and get eyes on it from someone who might want to do something with it,” Blotman says. 

Cover photo for 'Made for Each Other,' Writers Discovered Here: 'Made for Each Other' Writer Adi Blotman

'Made for Each Other'

Overall Advice From Adi Blotman

Adi Blotman wants to emphasize the creative, changing nature of the business. “Keep an open mind about your projects. You might think this project would never fit in this network or this place. But if someone’s interested in your work, you can adjust it, and it could be a really rewarding process," Blotman says. "I thought [Made for Each Other] came out much better than the original script and it’s not something I was expecting. Say yes to opportunities, keep an open mind, work hard, and having a writer’s group is really beneficial–I can’t recommend that enough!”

We wish Adi Blotman the best of luck with her career and hope she continues to use Coverfly. 

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