One List to Rule Them All

The film industry runs on lists. Lots of lists. Sometimes too many lists. That's why Coverfly's done the legwork and distilled them down into one authoritative list of lists, easily filterable and searchable for your viewing. Happy hunting!

The Industry's Best

Here are the top Industry lists filterable on Coverfly.
View the winners and finalists of Hollywood's most prestigious screenwriting competition.
Nicholl Fellowship
Invite-only program designed to recruit the best diverse writing talent.
Sony Diverse Writers
Coverfly's very own list of the top projects by genre and format, dynamically updated based on a project's performance across major writing programs.
The Red List
NBC TV Writers Program identifies & develops writers whose points of view & diverse lived experiences provide unique perspectives to the writers room.
NBC TV Writers
95% of Hollywood productions use Final Draft screenwriting software-- Big Break is the annual writing competition selecting winners across format + genre and one of the most respected programs in the industry.
Final Draft's Big Break
Apply for the chance to hone your skills, build a professional network, and get your foot in the door of Nickelodeon's writers' rooms.
Nickelodeon Writing
Compiled by nominations from managers, agents, and executives, presenting 30 selections of emerging writers and filmmakers of varying backgrounds, formats, genres, and styles.
The Next List
Celebrating up and coming managers, agents, producers, and executives, who have been successful champions and genuine advocates of emerging + underrepresented voices, perspectives, and projects.
The Next List Industry
Eighteen years of compiling the most liked scripts from over 250 film executives.
The Black List
The New Voices Fellowship is a four-month mentorship program for emerging swriters who explore the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way.

Coverfly's Best

Did you think we ran out of lists? Nope. We thought we'd flex our data prowess and give you a few more.

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